Who are we


Comma Hub is a full-fledged strategic marketing and communications consultancy, servicing clients across the Middle East and the world. Its overarching vision, powered by its specialized team, is to augment brand image, in ever evolving business landscapes, on both internal and external fronts.

Founded in 2008, Comma Hub has worked with the region’s most influential brands, extending a wide range of services which fall under the umbrella of reputation management, corporate image building, advocacy and brand management. The result is a strong brand, with a compelling story to tell.

Through its comprehensive suite of marketing and communication-centric solutions, Comma Hub works with companies to define, connect, protect and advance their respective brands amongst target stakeholders. Its integrated approach supports companies to achieve market leadership and capture growth, through its consultancy services, optimized outsourcing solutions and ad-hoc project management.


Comma Hub extends flexible ways to collaborate to companies, to achieve the desired results. Companies and brands seeking to expert communication and marketing consultancy can work with Comma Hub in three ways:

  • Consultancy

Comma Hub provides consultancy services, equipping companies and their respective teams to carry out the implementation

  • Optimized outsourcing solutions

Ongoing marketing and communication management entails a full spectrum of marketing, communication and branding elements, on a proactive basis. Companies can ultimately outsource recruitment, capacity building, strategy setting, implementation and measurement to Comma Hub.

  •  Project Management

Project-based approach, whereby the team at Comma Hub is recruited to transform one area of business, covering marketing, communication or branding.


At Comma Hub, we believe that the way brands articulate and communicate their vision, makes all the difference.