Your Boutique Agency, the Hub for full-fledged strategic marketing and communications consultancy, servicing clients across the Middle East and the world.

Our overarching vision, powered by our specialized team, is to augment your personal and business brand image, in ever-evolving business landscapes, on both internal and external fronts

The scope of expert marketing, communication and brand management services from Comma Hub, encompass a comprehensive approach to building brand equity.

Comma Hub extends flexible ways to collaborate with companies, to achieve the desired results. Companies and brands seeking to expert communication and marketing consultancy can work with Comma Hub in three ways:


Comma Hub provides consultancy services, equipping companies and their respective teams to carry out the implementation.

Optimized Outsourcing

Ongoing marketing and communication management entails a full spectrum of marketing, communication, and branding elements, on a proactive basis. Companies can ultimately outsource recruitment, capacity building, strategy setting, implementation, and measurement to Comma Hub.

Project Management

Project-based approach, whereby the team at Comma Hub is recruited to transform one area of business, covering marketing, communication, or branding.

Business Transformation

Various sectors and businesses are being disrupted, due to technological advancements and the advent of digitization and automation. As we head into this new dimension, at a much faster pace than anticipated, companies need to adapt and transform to remain relevant. The three main factors that need to be addressed when transforming businesses, are people, processes and technology. By doing so, companies can create, adapt to and implement new strategies at a much faster pace.

Strategy Setting, Structure & Capacity Building

Marketing and communication efforts need to be guided by the company’s vision. A proper structure needs to be put in place, with the right team members leading the way forward. Training, tools and templates are essential elements that every company should have at hand.

Integrated Marketing Communications

All areas that fall under the marketing umbrella, including advertising, sales, public relations, digital marketing, social media and events need to be streamlined and follow the same vision. With integrated marketing communication, all the messages disseminated via the various channels need to be clear and consistent. This approach creates a strong impact across stakeholder groups and is vital in today’s omnichannel world.

Crisis and Reputation Management

In a highly digitized world, brands are more vulnerable than ever. Reputations that took years to build, can be dampened in minutes, due to the mismanagement of crisis situations. Whilst crisis situations can erupt at any moment, due to internal or external factors, the key element is how a company and its team respond.

Brand Design & Management

Brand visibility and recognition are vital in today’s competitive business landscape. Building a strong brand, with a compelling story to tell is the forte of Comma Hub. The brand is conceptualized through logo and identity creation, and adapted to different online and offline elements.

Content Strategy & Creation

When the brand identity is created, external stakeholders need to be engaged through content and visual elements. In today’s world, content is adapted for different platforms, based on the targeted stakeholder group.

Public Relations & Stakeholder Management

As transmitters of the message, media, bloggers and influencers, along with opinion leaders and policy makers are important to relay the message to. Engaging stakeholders and sharing information with them is a detailed process that needs to be carefully managed.

Events Management

Events, whether physical or digital, require careful planning, for the message to be delivered in the most effective way to stakeholders. With the thousands of tiny details that go into event planning, having a trusted event management company is integral for success.

Digital Business Management

The era of digital transformation is upon us. Having a strong brand on digital fronts is required to strengthen brand equity. Businesses need to be found online, they need to engage the right stakeholders and they need to come to life on online channels.

Internal Communications

Team members are ultimately the most important brand ambassadors for any company. The flow of communication, how information is shared, and how cultures are strengthened is the role of internal communication principles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a sustainable impact is the responsibility of every company and brand. However, when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, brands need to identify the areas of impact that are directly tied to their business model, sector and market.

Research and Analytics

The impact of communication and marketing efforts needs to be measured. The first step is to set benchmarks and KPIs that are aligned with the business goals. Then periodical assessments need to be conducted, brand engagement measured, and strategies adapted to achieve more growth

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